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About Us

Active Golf Projects are the market leaders in delivering the very best synthetic golf and sports practice facilities available in Europe today. With many years of experience in the sports, leisure and residential market we are able to design and build for our clients who expect nothing but the best in performance, reliability and realism. We talk directly to the manufacturers of our products who tailor make our Artificial golf and sports surfaces. We only use the very best products on the market and will not compromise price for quality.  Our products need no watering, feeding, mowing or weeding which, coupled with their realism, means they often prove to be the best low maintenance and cost effective solution.

We offer various types of products and solutions which have found their way into prestigious golf clubs and homes alike, both here in the UK and throughout Europe. Our range of projects and products include,

  • Artificial golf greens and putting greens,
  • Adventure golf courses and mini golf,
  • Par 3 greens and short game facilities,
  • indoor golf greens,
  • winter tees and tee mats, 
  • golf training aids and Modular panel greens

 Our company is very dynamic in the type’s of client we work for and the solutions we find for them.

A member of our sales team initially discusses with each prospective client their individual requirements. A tailor made information pack containing samples, designs, quotation and any additional information can then be sent or presented personally to them. Once a design and quotation has been accepted and we have received the deposit an installation / delivery date is then agreed. The installation process is then completed with minimal disruption by our own qualified installers.


Why synthetic golf greens?

Synthetic golf greens have many advantages, to ask any of our clients they would tell you that the biggest advantages are as follows:

  • All-weather surfaces for all year round play, the advantage of this being that the weather doesn’t have to stop play, giving you more time to practice therefore improving your short game, which in turn lowers your handicap.
  • Artificial putting greens play like a real putting green should. All too often some synthetic surfaces aren’t realistic therefore once out on the actual course your game alters. In comparison to a real green, synthetic putting greens require little or no maintenance. This gives more time for play and more money in the pocket as they are cost efficient.
  • No watering, no feeding, no mowing, no weeding.
  • Aesthetically pleasing all year round as weather doesn’t affect the surface.
  • Consistency of play all year round.
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We also supply all golfing products to golf clubs and home owners.