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New Year, New Green

Active golf projects first installation of the year consisted of replacing a DIY golf green for one of our short game greens.
Our customer contacted us towards the end of last year explaining to us that his Son is now looking for something to really sharpen up his short game at home and that the current surface wasn’t up to the job.

We removed the existing green surface, sharp sand and replaced this for 10 tonnes of granite aggregate to create some customised contours and levels to the green.
We installed our AGP short game pro system which requires shock pad underlay, and 38mm fringe grass and rounded black/green blend silica sand for top dressing.
Once the green is dressed and levelled we then rolled the green to set the stimp-speed to 9.

Our customer and his son can now chip to the green from any distance using our tee line chipping mat and Practice there putting to perfection.

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Home Putting Green Garden 5

Home Putting Green Garden 6

Home practice facility for Macclesfield customer

We have been busy since the recent restrictions have allowed us to get back to work safely. 

We were asked to install a 30m2 outdoor golf green in their garden, practice net, timber sleeper retaining wall and a lawn area that can be used for chipping along with general use. 

The project started by excavating the area and preparing the trenches for the sleeper surround wall. The sleepers were all fixed in concrete prior to the 30 tonne of aggregate being brought in ready to be shaped and compacted. 

The putting surface was installed first which is cut to shape ready for the fringe grass to be cut and glued to. Once all the surface is cut ready, we apply sand dressing to our surface which is mechanically brushed into the pile of the grass and is then ready for use. 

This was a great project to have done and one that our customer was extremely pleased with having had a complete garden makeover he can no enjoy his garden all year round. 


Home Putting Green Stoke

European golf recently completed a 30m2 outdoor putting green on the outskirts of Stoke.

The green was constructed in two days and it wasn’t a straight forward project as the access was challenging. 

There were three different tiers in the garden and of course the green needs to be on the top tier. Our installation team were prepared though and the process was a success. 

To construct the outdoor green, timber sleepers were used around the perimeter and concreted into position. We then used aggregate to build and shape the green base. Type one stone and fine dust is applied to create a smooth perfect Surface for the putting green to be laid. Holes are cut and placed into the base, these are set in key areas on the green to optimise the amounts of putts using the contours and levels.

The grass is then laid ready to be shaped and glued together before be sanded making it instantly ready to use. 

The customer was delighted with the look of the green and performance of the surface. The green has been built in front of what will be a garden room office and once all completed will make a fantastic facility.

The TPC saw grass green

North Yorkshires very own TPC Sawgrass Green

North Yorkshires very own TPC Sawgrass Green

Installation taken place in Balne – North Yorkshire.

European Golf have just completed the construction of a TPC Sawgrass Green. A total of 180 m2 has been installed on a Par 3 Golf course.

A total of 160 tonne of aggregate was used to build up the levels and contours for the green.

We installed solid hardwood sleepers to raise the green in a replica Saw Grass Style. I think you would agree it looks amazing.

This is part of a 4 hole par 3 course @ Holly Tree Farm Golf Club. The customer will now be hitting 100 yard tee shots from 6 different pin positions.

We have also installed circular chipping pods, at short distances as part of a short game addition. 

We hope this is the first of more greens to be added to the par 3 course.

North Yorkshires very own TPC Sawgrass Green 7 North Yorkshires very own TPC Sawgrass Green 6 North Yorkshires very own TPC Sawgrass Green 5 North Yorkshires very own TPC Sawgrass Green 4 North Yorkshires very own TPC Sawgrass Green 3 North Yorkshires very own TPC Sawgrass Green 2 North Yorkshires very own TPC Sawgrass Green 1

Finished Project

The TPC saw grass green The TPC saw grass green 2 The TPC saw grass green 3 The TPC saw grass green 4

Synthetic Putting Greens home garden 2

Essex – Stanford Le Hope

European Golf has just completed a outdoor putting green to a garden in Essex

No access to the customers back garden on this job which meant a crane was hired to get all materials into the garden. Anything is possible!

An 80m2 Golf Green with 5 holes for a golf fanatics garden.

We installed 30 tonne of aggregate, to build the base work and contours on the putting green. A Nylon Pro Putting Surfaces was used with a 30mm fringe grass.

Synthetic Putting Greens mimic natural grass on golf greens and a lot easier to keep maintained and to a high standard. This improves the quality of putting practice and can be used all year round no matter what the weather. The materials used will ensure that the putting green drains all the time and no pooling or standing water.

The more practise you put in, the better your game will become.

SyntheticPuttingGreens4 SyntheticPuttingGreens SyntheticPuttingGreens-final SyntheticPuttingGreens2

If you would like to find out more about European Golfs Synthetic Putting Greens, Please call us on 01925 244440 or send us an enquiry info@europeangolf.co.uk

European Golf Play Golf

Active Golf Projects – Area Representative Opportunities

Partner With A Market Leader in 2019

Active Golf Projects has been a well-established brand and market leader within the Synthetic Golf Grass industry since 2008. Our team have worked strategically and passionately over the years to create a brand and company culture that clients relate to and can trust in. We have built a successful and profitable business by building strong trade relationships, and implement efficient systems and strategies that will now be replicated and implemented in new Approved Installer partnerships around the country.

Due to the growth and expansion in our business, we are now looking to work with Area Representatives in 6 UK locations. We are looking for Area Representatives in London, North East, South East, South West, Scotland, and Wales. Area representatives will benefit from extensive practical and theoretical training to ensure that they fully understand the products, processes and professional tools used, and are competent when installing Synthetic Golf Greens & Facilities. Active Golf Projects will also provide training and on-going support to assist in other areas of their business such as the Sales & Marketing, customer care, logistics and administration.

We are creating a strong, experienced and professional network of Area Representatives to ensure that the high quality of installations and customer care known by Active Golf Projects, is consistently delivered. The level of workmanship and attention to detail through installations are some of the attributes that have led Active Golf Projects to become the go-to brand for large commercial clients and celebrities alike.

Area Representatives will benefit from Sales Referrals, an Exclusive Territory, Professional Training, Competitions, Incentives, & Exclusive Trade Product Pricing & Credit Agreements. Some capital investment will be required, subject to the agreement between Active Golf Projects and each Area Representative. We are able to help and provide flexible payment terms for stock, tools, and training outlay to ensure that your cash-flow does not suffer in the early days of the business. 

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting business opportunity, please email us today at info@activegolfprojectsopeangolf.co.uk with the subject Area Representative: Location Here’

We look forward to working with you.

Indoor putting greens

Molinari chooses european golf green

European golf was the company of choice for Edoardo Molinari’s golf academy in Italy. We was delighted when asked to create a indoor putting green for the three time European tour champion.  Edoardo asked for specific hole positions and a customised shape to fit the facility perfectly. Understanding the importance of a perfect putting surface, is European golf’s strength and we knew our Euro tour-putt would be required for this green. Its a non directional nylon that stimps on an average of 9.4 and gives the truest of rolls. 

East Hull Putting Green Installation

European Golf completes another home putting green in Ganstead East Hull.

The putting green used for this build was the Challenger Turf from the USA

Home Putting Green - Challenger Tuft
Home Putting Green – Challenger Tuft

Scoring Low at The Famous Nine

The Famous Nine is a replica par-3 course in Cornwall, which boasts some of the worlds most famous golf holes, all built using synthetic turf supplied and installed by Active golf Projects.
Scott MacCallum spoke to managing director, Josh Bartlett

A tee sign for the first hole at The Famous Nine
A tee sign for the first hole at The Famous Nine

We’ve all done it…. Or is it just me? Lying in bed at night trying to get to sleep I battle insomnia by picking my
perfect golf course.

Not just my favourite place to play the game, though, but the best 18 holes
pulled together like a dream team of footballing Gallacticos. I’ve normally got to the turn with nine holes carefully selected when I nod off.

A little bit of fun but nothing more than that. How could you possibly play all the best holes in the world in the course of one round? It’s an unrealistic fantasy. Or is it?
Many of the holes which feature in your dream course may also have made the cut at The Famous Nine, a superbly conceived par-3 course at Gwel an Mor, Cornwall, high on the north coast cliffs, near Portreath.

Opened in September of last year the nine hole course enables you to play those fantastic holes, but in miniature. The course is only 1,241 yards long with the longest hole 177 yards and the shortest just 106.

The beauty of it is that not only do you get to travel around the world playing the best that St Andrews, Augusta, Pebble Beach, Carnoustie, Troon and Sawgrass has to offer without having to deprive yourself of the best cream teas and pasties around, it will take you a fraction of the time it would to play 18 holes at your home course.

The other element which makes the course unique is that it boasts a full set of artificial greens which, from an operator’s perspective, reduces maintenance costs considerably.