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We are continually investing in and adding to our range of products and services so that we can offer a solution that fits the requirements of each individual customer, as we understand that no two customers are the same. The Synthetic Turf industry is still relatively niche, so it is worth understanding the differences between the products and services we provide, and how that will impact and benefit your professional facility, and of course, your golfing game.

Infill and Non-Infill Greens – Which is Right For Me?

The two largest differences in our products are between Infill and Non-Infill Greens. ALL of our turf products are sand-infilled, and there is still a difference between Infill and Non-Infill – this comes down to the manufacturing of the pile, and the sand type that is inserted into the pile of the turf. As a general guideline, an Infill Green would be more suitable for users who are going to be chipping into the green from 15-Yards or more – anything less and a Non-Infill Green would be preferable.

Infill Greens

For many years, Active Golf Projects truly believed that it was impossible to produce a realistic enough target green that incorporated a quality putting surface. There has never been an infill product on the market that is good enough to be associated with the Active Golf brand… until now. We invested heavily and travelled the globe to develop a unique and exclusive infill turf that is quite simply the best on the market. When the ball hits the green from a long distance, the green has to react in exactly the same way as a natural green. In order to absorb the energy from the ball, it is crucial to use synthetic products filled with sand.

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Non-Infill Greens

Our Tour Putt Non-Infill greens are the ideal solution for short game, chipping and putting. The turf used in these greens are less rigid than non-infill because the longer pile is not weighted by a layer of round quartz sand (unlike infill greens).

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