Artificial Grass

“I have two children and a dog, would an artificial lawn be suitable for my home?”

Yes! All of our synthetic lawns are soft and suitable for children, kids and dogs can play throughout all weathers without the risk of turning your garden into a soggy mud garden, (no more muddy foot prints)!!

“Will I have to spend many hours maintaining my lawn?”

No, absolutely not! Britain’s unpredictable weathering can sometimes be an issue in your garden, not with an artificial lawn! We recommend removing any leaves and debris using a leaf blower, stiff brush, or plastic rake. The top surface is prone to airborne seeds, so two applications of weed killer to the lawn is paramount. Weeds are very easily removed.

If there is no dirt or soil on the surface, the lawn will be fairly self cleaning anyway. To remove dirt or worse, (dog mess), remove the bulk of the dirt, then hose down using a light detergent with a stiff garden brush. This will ensure all smells have gone also.

If you have a large lawn and are struggling to maintain it, we can offer an additional service to come and maintain your lawn with specialist tools.