H3 Hummer Golf Cart

Even at a glance you immediately know the Mini HUMMERTM H3TM is a HUMMERTM. The signature 7 – slot louvered grille, oval head lamps, large tyres, the near vertical lines of the rear sides of the vehicle are all classic HUMMERTM cues.

Hummer Golf Buggy
Hummer Golf Buggy

The Mini HUMMERTM H3TM is the first proportionally correct and only officially licenced custom estate/golf car styled after the H3TM HUMMERTM. The Mini HUMMERTM H3TM is built with all of the quality assurances that an officially licenced GMTM engineered product should have and is built so that it can display the H3TM HUMMERTM emblem proudly. 

It includes distinguished features such as 15 inch custom built and proportioned HUMMERTM wheels, rugged all aluminium I-beam chassis and genuine HUMMERTM chrome grill. Standard features include functional headlights, rear lights, indicators, four / six seats and the industries leading batteries – Trojan T-875’s.

Built-In Safety Features
The HUMMERTM H3TM is built using reliable safety features that most other Custom Electric Vehicles don’t offer. Features include extra large mirrors, head lights, brake lights, turn signal lights, fog lights, a reverse warning buzzer, safety horn and hazard lights.

To ensure a safe an reliable stopping distance the HUMMERTM H3TM Estate/Golf Car is equipped with a standard 4 wheel braking system that features front hydraulic disk brakes and self adjusing rear drum brakes.

Fine Standard Appointments
The Mini HUMMERTM H3TM estate/golf car also features the highest quality components available for the custom estate/golf car industry.

No other custom electric vehicle can offer as much legroom or interior space as the Mini HUMMERTM H3TM. The interior is ergonomically designed with cup holders in the centre console, and controls and switches right at your fingertips.